Welcome to the Swampfield Historical Society's website which covers 400+ years of history of the town of Sunderland, Massachusetts. Our name “Swampfield” comes from the first European colonial settlement (1650s), which at the time was the village of “swampfield” in the northern most portion of Hadley. This village would later (1718) become the center of present day Sunderland. The Swampfield Historical Society is a 501c3 nonprofit all volunteer organization. Our collection of Sunderland related artifacts is located in the historic former Graves Memorial Library building on North Main street. The building now serves as the society's museum. Our large and varied collection spans the period from prehistoric to present day. All artifacts have been donated by Sunderland residents or descendants, many who trace their ancestry back to the town. This site is only a small representation of our collection. We encourage viewers to check in frequently as more of our artifacts are digitized.

Seeking Information!

We have several Sunderland-related topics which we'd like to include on this website but we need your help gathering information and resources. Please take a look at our Seeking Information page – maybe you can help!