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Seeking Information

The Swampfield Historical Society has a large collection of photos, artifacts and information covering much of Sunderland's past. This collection however is nowhere near complete. There are many historical events that we simply have no information about. We welcome artifacts, photos and stories about any events of the town's past. Here are just a few items we're seeking information on, if you have anything to share on these topics please contact us:

  • The Rusty Nail night club on Rt. 47
  • Ice harvesting from the pond at Green Swamp
  • Saw mill across from Cliffside
  • Photos of Cliffside before the apartments
  • Origin of the term "Canada District" in North Sunderland
  • Slippery Pete's bar at the Goten Restaurant
  • Photos of the farm on River Road before the apartments
  • Gravel operations
  • Trout raising operation
  • Salmon raising operation on East Plumtree Road
  • Sunderland ferries
  • Log drives

All photos can either be scanned and returned to their owners or donated to become part of our collection.